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Unauthorized Practice of Law in Maryland Draws Reprimand

This just in from the Maryland Court of Appeals: a newly practicing attorney who is admitted in New York but not in Maryland was found to have engaged in the practice of law out of a Maryland office.  The court held that the attorney violated Rule 5.5 (Unauthorized Practice of Law) when he represented his federal immigration clients in Maryland state tort law (personal injury) cases.  The Maryland Court of Appeals concluded that aspects of the attorney’s practice constituted the unauthorized practice of law and related ethical violations.  The court states that, “[it] appears to be that of an inexperienced attorney who became licensed in 2009 (in New York), and without any prior experience with lawyering in any jurisdiction, wanted to open a practice dedicated solely to the practice of immigration law. He got in trouble when he attempted to assist immigration clients in areas of the law he was not permitted to practice in this state. There is absolutely no evidence that he was attempting to solicit clients for representation in matters of Maryland law.” The court imposed a reprimand.  A concurring dissenting opinion would impose a 30 day suspension for the misconduct. Read the Court’s opinion at:




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